Spanish Saffron “Coupe” Quality (Product Of: Aragon Spain)

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  • Available in 5 gram or 14 Gram Jar Hand Picked “Coupe” Spanish Saffron (Product of Spain) Certified 200+ Color – ISO Category #1 Saffron USA Lab test results and Certificate of Origin will be included with your shipment. Shipping included: Via UPS Mail Innovations Delivery
  • Saffron is one of the few things that truly are worth its weight in gold. This product of the crocus flower adds not only pungent aromatic flavor to foods, but also vibrant color. With a certified color score of 200+, this is this one of the best Saffron’s available in the world. Elite quality Spanish “Coupe” Saffron is so good you just need to follow the adage “less is more” as just a pinch will go a very long way. This is because of the exceptionally quality of this specific crop, in comparison Saffron with an ISO rating of Category 2 (150-170 color score) yields just one fourth the potency of our product. Saffron botanical name is Crocus Sativus, it is estimated that it takes a little more than 14,000 stigmas to produce only one ounce of saffron (Did you know they are picked by hand?). So remember you are paying for quality and that will become evident as you smell and use this wonderful “Coupe” variety from Spain. Lab tested for purity /color potency both at the source (Spain) and domestically (NYC/USA).
  • Saffron 101: Our Mission: As a gourmet importer of fine quality Saffron; we take great pride in searching for the best products out there. Over the years we have found Saffron from either Spain or Iran to be the best, with each region having its own unique characteristics. We specialize in finding “Coupe” grade saffron, which by definition is Saffron with color value of 190 or greater. Generally higher scores mean finer quality saffron. The highest score we have ever tested is 262. Finding consistent high grade saffron involves great efforts. In order to bring a product to you with the same care used in the tedious process of picking the threads by hand, we visit the earthy crocus fields to observe the ideal growing environments. We choose the best product and store it in the ideal environment until it is shipped to our customers (hint: best place to keep your saffron is in your wine cellar). Coupe saffron infuses dishes with striking yellow orange hue and a light earthy aroma of honey. Origin: Saffron came from Western Asia and most likely Persia. It is believed the Mongols took saffron from Persia to India. In ancient time saffron was used in medicines, perfumes, dyes, and as a wonderful flavoring for foods and beverages. Saffron is one of the few things that truly worth its weight in gold. How much to use: The most important rule is “less is more”. A very little bit of saffron goes a long way and if overused becomes overpowering in flavor. Further you are paying for the best so experiment with less and find you perfect amount. (hint: just a small pinch)
  • Easy ways to prepare: Generally it is best to consult your recipe for specific recommendations. With that said, here are some basic methods of preparation. 1) Soak Threads – The threads are soaked in liquid which can be broth, water, wine then the infusion is added to the dish. Directions: crush threads with your fingers or use a tiny mortar and pestle. Add the saffron to the liquid and soak for 5 – 20 minutes. Add the “tea” to your recipe. 2) Toast Threads – Many traditional paella recipes recommend toasting the saffron before use. Directions: Carefully toast threads in a medium heavy skillet (cast iron is best for this) careful not to allow any burning. Then grind threads into a powder and use as directed in the recipe.
  • General Saffron Information: Saffron botanical name is Crocus Sativus. It is estimated that it takes a little more than 14,000 stigmas to produce only one ounce of saffron. This labor-intensive process drives up the cost of these bright red threads to upwards of 0 per ounce for the best. General Info on grades: Saffron color scores or grades are measured at certified testing laboratories worldwide using photo spectroscopy reports. These color grades range from grades lower than 80 (for all category IV saffron) up to 190 or greater (for category I or “Coupe”). The world’s rarest samples (select red-maroon tips of stigmas picked from the finest flowers) receive absorbency scores of 250+ but we feel anything greater than 200+ is rare enough and is considered excellent quality. Saffron is generally lab tested for rating at the country of origin. We take it a step further and test every batch at certified food labs in the USA.

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