Saffron, ONE Gram (1g), Indian Kashmiri

Saffron, ONE Gram (1g), Indian Kashmiri image
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  • World’s Best Indian Saffron
  • Saffron threads packaged in a box
  • Sealed ensure freshness of saffron
  • Pure and natural saffron
  • Expensive saffron in affordable price

Kashmir has produced world’s best saffron for more than 1,000 years from stigmas of crocus flowers. Each fall, crocus flower blooms for just a few days in Indian Kashmir and harvested during famous saffron harvest. Each kilogram of high grade-Indian saffron needs more than 40 hours of manual harvesting. Kashmir Indian Saffron is truly world’s finest saffron with its dark red color and flavorful smell. Indian saffron is incredibly tough to obtain thus making it higher in price than other import

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